Stakeholder Engagement

Tailored Solutions

Just as every project is different, so is every community across Alaska’s six-hundred thousand plus square miles. As a Native-owned subsidiary and small business E3 fully understands and appreciates the many unique challenges of doing work across Alaska and will capitalize on our unique expertise to serve your project needs. Our existing company databases are regularly updated to track the most relevant contacts for communities and tribes across the state; from elected officials to catering companies, we know who to call to get the job done. Our survey templates and outreach strategies have been refined and perfected through years of experience on multi-disciplinary projects.

Alaskan Connections

The E3 team has a deep bench of experience with projects touching rural communities across the state, including connections with tribal and local governments, Native-speaking communities, NGOs, and regulatory     agencies. Outreach strategies are tailored to meet unique Alaskan conditions and build respectful relationships. Our solid working relationships with Alaskan communities are deeply rooted in our own cultural values of being raised in traditional subsistence lifestyles. From hosting an Elders luncheon to coordinating formal government to government consultations, E3 can assist throughout the life of the project.

Sample Services

  • Cultural awareness training for project staff
  • Translation services for Yupik speaking stakeholders
  • Arrangements for remote travel and lodging
  • Planning, coordination, and running public events and meetings
    • Tribal leadership meetings
    • Rural community meetings and open houses
    • Online open houses
    • Community listening posts
  • Creation of eye-catching presentations and meeting materials
  • NEPA-ready documentation and administrative record
  • Project-specific stakeholder databases
  • Utilization of reliable local hire and local businesses
  • Coordination of timelines around unique subsistence and community schedules
  • Project website design/updates
  • Digital newsletter design and output
  • Data-targeted surveys

E3 Alaska