Patty Murphy, Stakeholder Engagement & Project Manager

Patty has over 25 years of experience working with communities throughout Alaska conducting planning and outreach activities. She is well versed in cross-cultural communication, has managed a non-profit Board, and is skilled at facilitating Board and Corporate communications. Her experience includes: implementation of public relations and community events; stakeholder data management; and communications with tribal, municipal and village corporation interests. Patty has experience in remote travel and logistic coordination. As an Alaskan Native of Yupik decent, she specializes in rural projects and is fluent in the Yupik Language.



Linda Mockta, Control Systems Specialist

Linda’s extensive experience in both the non-profit and corporate business sectors gives her a critical eye to detail when it comes to accounting, fund management, and administrative organization. Raised in the rural community of Chefornak, Alaska, she’s fluent in both English and Yupik, and her cultural connections give her an edge when it comes to working with tribal governments across the state. She has worked closely with clients on administrative and budgetary systems to meet state and federal requirements.  Her ability to work with people from diverse backgrounds has proven beneficial to numerous projects during her ten years of experience.



Tami Schlies, Project Coordinator

Tami was born and raised in Alaska, and understands the challenges involved for both business and everyday life in the state. She graduated magna cum laude from Willamette University, and her abilities with technical writing, document formatting and production, editing and proofreading, graphic design, and database management have helped bring many projects to completion. With ten years of experience working on engineering and environmental projects, has worked on projects involving tribal, municipal, state, and federal agencies. Her additional experience in the publishing industry rounds out her skill set with marketing, promotion, website design, and knowledge of social media outreach.



Janice Peace, Administrative Assistant

Born and raised in Kotlik, Janice has over 8 years of administrative service experience and can integrate rural Alaska lifestyles with project interests to satisfy both clients and stakeholders. She recently gained experience in stakeholder engagement and NEPA compliance by working with the Alaska LNG pipeline project, and further developed her proficiency in QA/QC fundamentals. She is currently contracted with AGDC for continued work on the project. Janice’s attention to detail assures project quality completion, meeting timelines and budget limits.