Cultural Awareness Training

Cultural Awareness Training for Your Project

E3’s strengths are deeply rooted in our own cultural values of being raised in traditional subsistence lifestyles. Many of our staff members — over eighty percent of whom are of Alaska Native descent — are lifelong Alaskans. We fully understand and appreciate doing business in Alaska, and have an affinity for stakeholder engagement and socio-economic, cultural, and environmental resource documentation and administrative services. Our professional team successfully facilitates communication between Alaska’s diverse cultures, and can help familiarize and prepare your staff for local conditions and expectations.

We create presentations tailored to suit your project needs and the community or communities. Training includes options such as interactive sessions with community profiles, communication skills, community values, and situational awareness. We provide community specific “cheat sheets” when applicable, with contact lists, travel considerations, and language training. From small construction crews, to oil and gas executives, we’ve designed the perfect training for all types of situations. Call us to discuss your needs today!