Small Project Management

Strategies That Work

Our veteran project managers provide clients with the best possible combination of capabilities to keep multi-disciplinary projects on track and on budget. As a Native-owned subsidiary and small business E3 fully understands the many unique challenges of doing work across Alaska and will capitalize on our Alaskan expertise to serve your project needs. We have forged strong relationships with state and federal agencies as well as local communities over the years, and can assist rural communities in successfully navigating Alaska’s complex permitting process.


Communication is key when coordinating project tasks and deliverables between clients and multi-disciplinary subcontractors, and our bilingual staff can oversee communication protocols to minimize confusion or misunderstandings. Our skilled and resourceful team can coordinate project deployment with respect to local subsistence and community schedules. We oversee the strategic and timely implementation of activities and deliverables, minimize duplication of effort, and ensure grant funding deadlines are met.

Quality Control

With years of experience on multi-disciplinary projects, our attention to detail has successfully yielded concise documents and designs to meet regulatory and construction needs. We have steps for technical and administrative review for every project activity. Our clients can have confidence their project’s needs will be met with trustworthy advice, appropriate insight, and an eye on a sustainable future.

Sample Services

  • Communication protocol planning
  • Deliverables and budget tracking
  • Coordination of multi-disciplinary team participants
  • Engagement with
    • Tribal leadership
    • Government agencies
  • Cultural awareness training for project staff
  • Translation services for Yupik speaking stakeholders
  • Coordination of remote travel and lodging
  • NEPA-ready documentation and administrative record
  • Utilization of reliable local hire and local businesses